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Cliff is Senior Pastor at St. Paul’s. You might say his ministry experience has now come back to the start. Cliff went to college at the University of Pennsylvania, where he discovered the reality of Jesus Christ and within a few years made the choice to engage in pastoral ministry. After a stop in the Boston area for seminary at Gordon-Conwell theological seminary, he moved with Lucy, his wife, to Dallas, Pennsylvania, just outside Wilkes-Barre, to begin ministry. Three children later (Amy, Craig, and Laura), “they packed up their bags and moved to” – El Paso, Texas! There they started a new church. Cliff also went back to school; he says that he had figured out the questions for ministry and now needed answers. He received a Doctor of Ministry degree from Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California.

Then, the circle began bending back towards the East Coast with the next move to Kansas City. The children graduated and headed off to college. Now, one lives in Richmond, with her husband and family, another lives in Philadelphia and the third with his wife and family also in Philadelphia. With Cliff and Lucy’s move to New Jersey, just across the river from Philadelphia, they’re back where they started from. Cliff is glad to be here, exploring historical sites taking advantage of the many learning opportunities that the area offers and grateful for the ministry God has given him.